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Painful realities faced by women in pursuit of ‘Big Nyash’

Beauty standards have continuously evolved over time, yet women consistently bear the stigma and painful realities associated with them.

In pursuit of these standards, many women have found themselves experimenting with various methods, while hoping to conform to societal ideals.

One prevalent aspect of these standards is having a large posterior, often referred to as a “Big Nyash,” which seems to attract a great deal of attention.

Women have gone to great lengths to achieve this feature, going through various procedures and methods.

While some men advocate for natural bodies and authenticity, there is a significant portion of the public that admires women with big Nyash.

These admirers may even send discreet messages of admiration to these women, while those with slimmer figures often endure stress and ridicule regarding their Nyash.

Possessing a smaller Nyash is viewed as a defect, particularly in Nairobi, where men often make sarcastic comments.

Having a smaller body and Nyash can be a daunting experience due to distorted beauty standards that put immense pressure on women.

This pressure has led some women to experience feelings of depression and insecurity as narrated by Joy.

The stigma surrounding body size and shape can be particularly painful, especially during social events or when accompanying friends who meet the conventional beauty standards.

It is crucial for society to be educated about beauty standards, as many women have suffered feelings of inadequacy and resorted to unsafe methods to conform. Some have opted for plastic surgeries, while others have fallen victim to cheap products, resulting in permanent body defects.

This highlights the urgent need to challenge and redefine these beauty ideals to promote self-acceptance and self-esteem among women.

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