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Pale Java! The story of how actor Pascal Tokodi met his wife

Prominent Kenyan actor Pascal Tokodi has opened up about his love story with his wife Grace Ekirapa, a renowned TV presenter.

Tokodi recalled how they meet at a popular Java joint in Nairobi.

At the time, He was grabbing a bite while waiting for his passport.

“I felt hungry, so I entered Java to grab something to eat, and that is when I saw Grace. She was so beautiful, I kept wishing she would look at me,” Tokodi said during an interview on Milele FM. The actor jokingly added, “We looked at each other and I jokingly proposed on that day. She is a good lady and has no scandals. I had known Grace for months before we got married.”

After a period of intense speculation, Tokodi and Ekirapa confirmed that they were indeed a couple. The news was revealed in a video post shared by Ekirapa over the Christmas holidays.

“Christmas will never be the same again. I wouldn’t imagine doing this with anybody else @pascaltokodi. Merry Christmas to You and Yours. Blessings,” Ekirapa’s heartfelt post read.

The rumors started swirling in October 2020 when Ekirapa starred alongside Tokodi in a music video for a song titled “You,” featuring artist King Kaka. The couple was depicted in wedding attire, igniting fans’ curiosity about a possible real-life union. The latest revelation has thus put all speculations to rest.

The couple announced the arrival of their newborn in April 2022, delightfully coinciding with Tokodi’s birthday. “I asked God for a gift for your birthday and He gave me something even money can’t buy,” Ekirapa shared on social media, under an intimate picture of Tokodi cradling their daughter, fondly named Baby AJ. Ekirapa further conveyed her honor at carrying their daughter, sending love-filled birthday wishes to both her husband and baby girl.

Tokodi himself couldn’t contain his joy, expressing the incomparable thrill of fatherhood. “To my little princess, I’m proud of many things in my life, but today, holding you in my arms, holding your tiny finger, being your father… will forever top the list,” he gushed. The actor vowed to always be there for his daughter, promising to love and protect her unconditionally. The couple’s happy news was warmly received by fans and followers alike.

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