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Panel told how Police boss raped, impregnated minor

An officer in charge of a police station in Kwale County impregnated an underage girl who had been detained.

The girl was being held at the station over an undisclosed crime.

The Officer Commanding Station would take the girl from the cells and defile her in his house and she became pregnant.

This is just one of the shocking accounts of institutional and personal rot that the National Police Service Commission heard in its just-concluded vetting of senior police officers from across the country.

The commission sitting in Mombasa heard tales of fat M-Pesa transactions, unexplainable bank deposits and overnight accumulation of assets.

Former Kwale police boss Richard Muguai, who is now serving in the same position in Gucha, was hard-pressed to explain the circumstances under which the minor was impregnated while in custody at Diani Police Station.


“I was made aware while at the station and the issue was taken to court where I was called upon to investigate,’’ Mr Muguai told the panel led by commission chairman Johnstone Kavuludi.

He went on: “From what she told the court, the girl would be taken from the police cells.’’

Mr Muguai, who was accused of being a habitual drunkard, had a tough task explaining how eight foreigners, who were in the country illegally, disappeared when they were being transferred by his juniors from Kwale Police Station to Shimo la Tewa Maximum Prison in November 2011.

“When it came to the transfer to Shimo la Tewa Prison, as the OCPD, I provided three vehicles, a Canter and two Land Cruisers, which, in my view, were enough.

“The problem came about when an inquiry file was opened by a top officer who heard that the prisoners were going to be transferred. On reaching the Likoni Ferry, some issues happened there between the officers and some people perceived to be relatives of the aliens,” Mr Muguai said.

He said during investigation he realised that “the issue between the aliens and police was a sort of trafficking business”.

The officer said that he explained what happened to then Provincial Police boss Leo Nyongesa in a letter, but never got any feedback.


The 53-year-old father of four was cautioned over his drinking habits as there were numerous complaints.

However, he defended himself, saying he only drank during the weekend and not when on duty.

He was put on the spot over the source of the Sh5.4 million that was deposited in his account in a span of three days in September 2013.

“This was from a land sale. The buyer deposited the cash in my Barclays Bank account. I transferred Sh1 million and deposited Sh500, 000 to National and Equity banks, respectively,” he told the panel.