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Panic as Nairobi county website experiences downtime

The Nairobi county government’s website has been unreachable for two days now after its servers malfunctioned.

City residents seeking information on services and to also apply for tenders could not reach the address

The website has frequently been experiencing technical hitches throughout the years that render it unavailable. A quick search online shows complains dating back from last year.

A resident seeking information on recently advertised tenders was the first to raise concern on Twitter on Monday.

@FredAsira tweeted; “City hall website is not working. How do we access services? There are tenders to be downloaded from the website like the ones advertised on the standard yesterday and the numbers provided are not picked. Sirikal saidia. @MikeSonko @county_nairobi.”

In September, there were numerous complaints over the website being unavailable.

@India_Jim wrote; “@MikeSonko the Nairobi County website has been down the entire week denying citizens the right to access to information. Call your CEC-information from wherever you are, so that they can get it back up.”

@UgatuziKenya tweeted; “Nairobi County website is down. @MikeSonko @NairobiCityGov”