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Papa Dennis: My most memorable Christmas was lighting bonfires and dancing all night

Gospel musician Dennis Mwangi popularly known as Papa Dennis will never forget his Christmas while aged 13, back in his home in Matunda, he together with the rest of his family went for kesha and on coming home lit a bonfire using a tyre.

“We danced around the burning tyre the entire night while drumming old jerricans as we waited for mom to make chapatis early morning,” Papa Dennis said.

For his family, chapati would only be served on Christmas day and even during a normal holiday they would only eat rice.


“The rest of the days we survived on ugali and githeri but on Christmas it was the best day ever because we would get to feats on chapatis the whole day starting from breakfast to supper,” said Papa Dennis.

On his memorable Christmas aged 13, Papa and his friends went to watch some Christmas movies on the mobile theatre that used to have a truck and a projector casting the image on a plain wall.

“We watched a couple of movies and posed for family photos at the cameraman’s booth and that made my Christmas really special,” he said.

This Christmas, the singer will join the Cross Over team for charity at a Roysambu children’s home where together with other artists they will encourage the children.

Papa Dennis Wishes you all a Merry Christmas and happy 2017!