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Parents body explains why same uniforms are good for learners

The National Parents Association (NPA) has come out to explain why it wants all learners across the country to have the same school uniform amid protest from teachers and some parents.

In their proposal to the government, the association wants all primary schools to have a common inform while secondary students schools will also have their own uniform.

If the proposal is accepted by the government, the association wants the implementation of the plan to start in January next year but through a gradual process.


However, schools will retain their badges while the colour of the uniform will be decided upon after further consultations.

The association chairman Nicholas Maiyo said similar uniforms will help address the high costs that parents have been subjected to by school administrations that have been turned into a big business.

“We have same students buying uniforms at different prices which is very costly to parents in the country. School managements are selling the uniforms to students at an exorbitant prices and that is why we want end this practice,” said Mr Maiyo.

Mr Maiyo said school heads are working with traders and single-handedly identifying suppliers of school uniforms without allowing parents to decide on where to purchase the uniforms.

School uniforms entail skirts for girl, blouses, Saturday blouses sweater, sleeveless sweater, games kits and a tie and the cost depends on the school.


Another reason the association wants same uniform is to address the issue of self-esteem, saying students from smaller schools usually feel intimidated whenever they are together in an event with students from elite schools.

“We want our children to feel equal irrespective of schools that they are studying in. We do not want our children to feel intimidated by other students just because they come from schools that are considered top or the best in the country,” said Mr Maiyo.

Mr Maiyo added that the same uniform will be affordable.

“The government can even step in and subsidize the cost on uniforms and that can only be done if we have standard costs,” said the chairman who asked teachers, school sponsors and other stakeholders to submit their opinions to the Ministry on the issue.

He said schools have buses with same colour and there was nothing wrong in having same uniform.