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Parents cry foul as underage daughters found in Govt official’s house

A parent in Murang’a County has accused police officers based at Maragua Police Station of bungling investigations to cover for a man said to be the son of a government official who was found with her underage daughter in his house.

The girl’s mother said her daughter, who had been missing, was later found in the administrator’s home where he had been staying with his son.

The minor, 13, and her friend, 15, went missing on Sunday last week after coming from church.

Her mother started a search when the other girl’s sister informed her that the minors usually visit the son of the administrator at his official residence.


“The sister of my child’s friend informed us that her sister and my daughter regularly visit the son of a government official and upon getting the tip, we proceeded to Maragua Police Station and requested for a police officer to escort us to his home where we found the two children and the man,” the school girl’s parent told the Nairobi News.

She added that the two were to report back to school after mid-term break.

According to the parents, police officers told them to take their children to school, saying that the suspect had no case to answer since he was also a minor like the girls and that parents would also be prosecuted for negligence.


But the parents claim the suspect is over 18 years old since they have information that he has a driving licence and wondered why the police denied them justice.

They claimed that the detectives had also resisted their pleas to have their children taken to the hospital for examination, saying they only gave in after they pleaded with them for hours.


“We were told that should we pursue the matter, we would also be charged with negligence and our children placed under State protection. They had objected to our pleas to have the girls taken to hospital and when they finally gave in, only the police officer was allowed in at the Maragua Level Four Hospital where we were later told that they had not been defiled,” the agitated parent said.

One of the parents said she sought another doctor’s opinion who confirmed that her child had had sex, although on that particular day, there were no traces of semen.


The parents claimed that the police officers refused to give them an OB number which would show that they had reported the matter, a move they think is a conspiracy to deny them their right to pursue justice for their minors.

“We feel the police want to use their powers to protect the administrator who is also one of their own. We don’t see why a man who has been allegedly sleeping with our children and who caught red-handed with them is not arrested and charged in court. This is an abuse of office and we urge the police bosses to order them to charge the suspect in court,” the parents said.


They said they had reported the matter to Murang’a South OCPD John Ondit but they are yet to get any assistance.

The OCPD confirmed that one of the parents visited his office over the matter but maintained that the man could not be charged since the doctor’s report indicated that there was no sexual contact on the night in question.

“We arrested the suspect and took him to the hospital together with the two children but the doctor’s report did not prove that the three had sex. We could not have taken the suspect to court because the expert’s report did not authenticate and sustain the defilement [claim]. The issue here is a misunderstanding on the side of the parents,” the OCPD told the Nairobi News.