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Parents die of Covid-19 after ‘son who refused to self-isolate infects them’

A man and his wife have died after their son refused to self-isolate despite being Covid-19 positive, Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe said on Saturday.

Kagwe revealed how the man who had tested positive believed the virus was a myth and travelled home to visit his parents.

“I received news that a son who tested and turned positive for coronavirus but refused to acknowledge the results because he believed the virus was a myth; went home, infected the parents and sister. Unfortunately, his mother and father succumbed to the virus,” lamented Kagwe.

His refusal to self-isolate saw the family lose the head of the family, two weeks after they lost and buried the mother.

The CS at the same time wondered why Kenyans were upset with the government cautioning them every day about the pandemic.

“We have been accused of talking to Kenyans as if they are retarded; Tumetukanwa. My brother and sisters, I can only implore you to accept that Covid-19 is a reality, Kenyans don’t have to die: this is a condition we can control. We can manage ourselves,” he added.

According to Kagwe, it is not necessary for the government to be insulted for telling people again and again, “but we will not stop. It is better to be bored with the figures than to be bored for three weeks staring at the ceiling of a hospital bed.”

When diagnosed with the disease, Kagwe stressed that the medics advise should be followed strictly, insisting that one should isolate so as not to infect other people.

“It is very unfortunate because we keep warning against such kind of behaviour,” he said.