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Schools have just reopened but parents can’t stand their children’s absence

Just days after Form One students reported to schools across the country, their parents are lamenting how much they are already missing them.

Parents of Form Ones congregated at a Facebook parenting group writing how they were already looking forward to the mid-term break in February.

The newly-admitted students started reporting to secondary schools on Monday and have until Friday when the admission exercise concludes.

One mother wrote, “Is there a support group for form 1 parents? I miss my child I just want to go pick her n home school her. No judging pls naugua!”


Another parent wrote: “My son is thousands of miles away, sina amani.”

Yet another one commented, “Haki its hard… leaving her for the first time with strangers… no option of phone calls or visiting.”

“Since Monday no appetite… Just wondering about everything… where she slept? Is she being bullied??!!… The kind of food… waah!!!… the list is just endless,” a mum lamented.

“Mimi can’t focus on anything else… I’m sick… totally sick… who’s making bed for my baby, is he being bullied, who’s his friends?? Aki na vile hakapendi ugomvi… upole mwingine wa kushtua… My God take care of him,” another one commented.


“Aki the loneliness is unbearable. First and second night was tough lakini sasa inabidi mtu ajipatie shughuli. I look forward to midterm which is from Feb 16th,” a mum wrote.

“You are not the only one. I took mine yesterday and after clearance, all parents were told to leave coz they are in their hands, I cried,” another parent recounted.

“Its a genuine feeling, eventually it will get better. Separation is never easy. But you are giving a the child a chance to train to fly on their own… it’s a good thing,” a mum advised.