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Parking fee remains as court extends order

By NAIROBI NEWS January 14th, 2014 1 min read

The orders that prevented the Nairobi County government from increasing parking fee have been extended.

The High Court on Monday extended the injunction pending the hearing and determination of a case filed by matatu groups.

The matatu operators want the public involved in determination of new parking rates.

SMS number

Their lawyer, Mr Harrison Kinyanjui, on Monday requested the court to direct City Hall to establish an SMS number or e-mail service within two weeks and advertise it in media inviting Nairobi residents’ views on a reasonable increment from the current Sh140 per day.

Views should also be sought on the mode of parking levy collection, he submitted.

“Should it be by way of parking meters where the exact time used in a parking lot is recorded or by way of parking attendants?” he asked.

The petitioners, the lawyer submitted, also want the court to determine whether the fee would be collected seasonally and whether it should be increased annually or bi-annually.

Parking fee collection

The views should then be adopted as the basis of parking fee collection, he added.

The responses collected would help the county to come up with an acceptable amount to be paid and the mode of collection, he said.

“This should resolve the matter.”

The Nairobi County government, the Nairobi City County board, the Transition Authority and the Attorney-General are respondents in the case.

The case was taken to court by 26 matatu operators, the petitioners.

They asked the court to review the proposed increment which was to take effect from last year before the court issued the injunction.

The case will be heard on January 28.