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Parliamentary aspirant trolled for donating branded boxes to students

Facebook users on Wednesday went ham on aspiring Nairobi woman representative Millicent Omanga after she donated metal boxes to needy form one students that had her name written in caps.

Ms Omanga posted photos of her donating the boxes as her gift to dozens of needy children.

The children who were from Embakasi ward were pictured alongside the aspirant who handed a metal box to each of them before addressing the students and their parents.

Form one students are set to report in their respective secondary schools starting next Monday, a month earlier than has been the case in previous years.

Facebook users however lashed at Ms Omanga’s decision to have her name and aspiration to be Nairobi woman representative in 2017 inscribed on the boxes.

Some users said the name should have been written inside the box as it will expose the needy students to ridicule in their new schools.

Elsie Nthiga commented, “I’ve got nothing personal against Millicent Omanga Nairobi women Rep 2017 but why should you put such writing on a student’s box. She can’t even be confident walking around with it ikiwa imeandikwa ni ya donation. Next time please improve on this. Agai. It looks like it’s more of show off than being nice.”

Mark Macheda Ojuok asked, “But why label the boxes “donated by millicent omanga?” even the good book says in Mathew 6:1 “be careful not to perform your righteous acts before men to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven” What does this do to the kids when they are among other kids with their boxes openly marked as “donations”?”

Nzioki Wa Kaloki questioned, “Why Give such a personal donation and label it? What will the kid be feeling when interacting with other kids?”