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PART 2: Seven tricks on how to conceive a baby girl

October 21st, 2015 2 min read

Maybe you already had a boy and now you want a little girl. Maybe you are yearning for a mini-you that you can dress up in princess dresses and take along with you to the salon.

If you are looking to get pregnant with a girl, here are fun tricks to try and shift the scales to your favour:

1. The right timing – First, you need to understand the qualities of the female sperm. These may not swim as fast as the male sperms but they are more robust and they can last in a woman’s body for up to four days.

Conception occurs when a woman is ovulating. To increase your chances of having a girl, have sex two or three days before your ovulation but not during ovulation. This will give the female sperm higher chances of survival.

2. Do not orgasm – When a woman has an orgasm, her body releases a fluid which makes it easier for the sperm to swim up to the ovum. The contractions that happen during orgasms also propel the boy sperm further up.

Seeing as the male sperm is faster, she will be more likely to get a boy if she has an orgasm. If you are looking for a girl, hold off on the orgasm, at least for as long as you are trying to conceive.

3. The right positions – The boy sperm swims very fast so if you are trying for a girl, the aim is to have the sperm deposited as far away from the cervix as possible. While the boy sperm may die along the way, the girl sperm which lives longer will sure get there.

Achieve this effect by regulating sex and adopting positions which allow for shallower penetration.

4. The right diet – Boy sperms can’t survive acidic conditions. If you are trying for a girl, work at raising the acidic levels in a woman’s body. This can be achieved by eating foods like soda, chocolate and vinegar. Also, eat more fruits and vegetables. While at it, cut your salt intake.

5. The heat factor – Boy sperms are naturally more vulnerable to high temperatures. You can give the girl sperms a higher chance by having your man soak in a hot or warm bath before getting intimate. The heat will weaken the male sperm giving the girl sperm an edge.

6. Have more sex – In the days leading up to your ovulation period, you should increase the amount of sex that you and your partner have.

More sex will reduce the man’s sperm count meaning that there will be fewer fast swimming boy sperms waiting to fertilize the eggs. Abstain from sex during the ovulation period and soon after it.

7. Make him wear briefs – While boxers give more room for aeration, briefs keep things warm and close together. For the days and weeks leading up to the time you intend to start trying for a girl, make your man wear briefs. This however shouldn’t go on for very long as the high temperatures are not good for his general fertility.