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Parties Committee demands withdrawal of controversial Finance Bill

Political Parties Liaison Committee has condemned the police brutality and excessive use of force in the ongoing anti-Finance Bill protests across the country.

The parties now demand action against the police officers who were captured using force to disperse the protesting youths.

“The right to peaceful protest is fundamental to any democracy, and its suppression through excessive force is unacceptable. We demand an immediate cessation of such tactics and call accountability for those responsible for ordering and perpetrating such barbaric, and unjust action,” Mr Augustine Muli, party leader of National Liberal Party said.

The members representing various political parties are asking President William Ruto to come out and address the nation on the controversial Finance Bill that has sparked demonstrations in several parts of the country.

In their statement, they said that with the further escalation of protests, the President should recall the bill and hear the voices of Kenyans.

“We demand a complete withdrawal of the Finance Bill 2024 pending further comprehensive public participation. Public engagement as enshrined in our constitution is not only essential but mandatory in the legislative process.”

According to Mr Muli, any bill that affects the livelihood of Kenyans must undergo thorough scrutiny, and have inputs from all stakeholders.

The government has been challenged to settle the hospital bills of the Kenyans who were injured during the melee.

National Liberal Party Secretary General Mr Omondi Koyoo urged the President to govern the country as he had promised, and not rule with oppressive laws.

“We are giving you clear warning signs, that Mr President, it is high time that you change your tactics and get back to the drawing board and do that which is right. It is proper and possible for the President to govern through the constitutional provisions without clobbering young Kenyans who are exercising their constitutional rights”

They also said that the President has failed the common Kenyans who trusted him with their votes and that two years down the line, the situation remains the same as Kenyans continue to wait to feel the impact of the Kenya Kwanza administration.

While the church has also asked the President to listen to the voice of protesters, the political parties want action against the officers who tear-gassed Kenyans and led to the death of two young Kenyans.