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Pasara needs to work on service

I visited Pasara once a few years ago. It was supposed to be a hip joint for those looking to either hobnob with the Capital FM crowd, or an easily reachable place in town to drink and enjoy a quick game before going home.

Back then, I didn’t think it was any good, but my friend convinced me to give it a go; so I did, thinking tha maybe the years would have made a difference. It seems that people have moved on from this central attraction.

When my friends and I visited this establishment, it was a little empty – strange, considering it was lunchtime.

The ambience is nice. The inner seating area of Pasara has high ceilings (it looks like it was supposed to be a large foyer for the building, but they made use of the space) with interesting patterns on the wall-sized window on the far right.

Conveniently located next to the eating area is a choice of three national newpapers for customers, attached by hooks for removal and return. As you enter to sit, menus are brought more or less promptly.

The toilets are nothing to write home about; you’re better off carrying sanitizer and saving whatever else you have to offer for your house.

The inner seating area at Pasara Restaurant. Photo/Abigail Arunga
The inner seating area at Pasara Restaurant. Photo/Abigail Arunga

To wash, the waitresses bring saucers of hot water with a wedge of lemon inside, which I don’t feel is the greatest or most efficient method of handwashing before a meal.

Speaking of the waitresses, the two who waited on us seemed rather distracted – which was strange, because there were not that many people there in the first place.

We repeatedly asked for the saucers to ‘wash’ hands with after one of our parties was held up looking at the prettily caligraphed menu behind the buffet. After that, we repeatedly asked for tomato sauce, which we eventually went to retrieve ourselves.

The buffet did not seem to be much value for money, as it was not offering a sample of everything available, but rather, a starch, an accompaniment and vegetables. What was nice, though, was the Indian man standing next to the buffet, who explained everything on the menu and ended up taking (and bringing) our orders.

I had a chicken tandoori wrap. My colleagues had their interpretation of  a BLT sandwich with a jacket potato and a burger respectively. My wrap was not particularly exciting; the chicken was only slightly flavorful, and the potato slices they gave me to accompany it were burnt to the point of unpleasant crispness.

My colleague’s jacket potato was unsatisfying; I am not sure if they understand the concept of a jacket potato at all. It was hard and almost sour. She left most of it alone to concentrate on the sandwich (which she liked and I didn’t). I did not taste the burger but my other colleague found it pleasant, and her potato slices were edible.

I think Pasara needs to work on their service and find a new chef, because in the meantime, my opinion of it reads like my thoughts on the wrap – not particularly exciting.