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Pascal Tokodi’s brief ‘Ona Selina’ encounter with Uhuru divides Kenyans

By Hilary Kimuyu February 25th, 2021 2 min read

A video showing President Uhuru Kenyatta strolling casually on State House Road while holding what appears to be a cane has sent the internet into a frenzy.

The short clip shared by Selina actor Pascal Tokodi shows the president strolling alone while dressed in a black pair of trousers, a flowery shirt and a black face mask.

The video the musician and actor posted on his Instagram page on Wednesday evening has since garnered more than 165,000 views.


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Speaking to Nairobi News, the actor said that he saw the president walking along the busy road but he was not alone.

“I was driving along State House road and I saw the president walking and before I could have a chat with him, his security came and chased us away because we were holding traffic,” he said.

A frenzied Tokodi, who is in the company of a friend in the car, can be heard requesting the Head of State to watch Selina which airs on Maisha Magic East.

“…How are you sir…Oh my goodness, what! Have a good day. Ona Selina (watch Selina) Maisha Magic East,” an overjoyed Tokodi tells Uhuru.

President Kenyatta is heard saying “Asante. Nimeona,” as he waves Tokodi off.

Some Kenyans were irked and felt like the actor should have used the chance to ask the President “more serious questions” instead of promoting his show.

Tokodi, in a reaction video posted later on, however, rubbished this off saying:

“Watu wanasema sijui ningeongelea curfew sijui all these other things…lakini hiyo 15 seconds mimi niliona nijitetee…”

Here are a few reactions from Kenyans.

Those who said that he did well.

Not happy with his answer