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Passaris rides on commuter train from Ruiru to Nairobi – VIDEO

By MWENDE KASUJJA September 14th, 2018 2 min read

Nairobi woman representative Esther Passaris on Friday morning rode on a commuter train from Ruiru to Nairobi’s CBD.

She later explained that she chose the train ride to understand the challenges and opportunities of this mode of transport.

The legislator boarded the Ruiru commuter train at 6:30am and shared two videos of her experience.

Passaris spent the better part of Friday morning in the train speaking to operators and the commuters.

Commuters expressed concerns with the trips every train makes urging the legislator to voice the need for more trains to meet the high demand.

“I think they will do surveys and find out where there is demand based on population and need; the train needs to be profitable and the only way is to have people on board,” Passaris said.


While on board, one of the commuters explained to the representative her struggles in trying to find a job.

Passaris urged her to start by training in something and asked if she was interested in beauty and when the woman responded to the affirmative she was given a contact card and told to text so as to be added to a training list.

On arrival at the Nairobi CBD railways station Passaris spoke to the officer in charge explaining that she was invited by a group of young people who ensure safety on the train.

She also pointed out some of the things she observed during the train ride.

“I noticed the handles are gone in some of the coaches and for them to go it means they were substandard. All in all, it was a brilliant ride and the commuters love it and so I’m going to look into the money allocated to it and ask the transport committee to allocate more money for the refurbishing I’m told you are planning,” she said.