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Passaris: Footbridges are investments to keep you safe

Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris has shed light on the reasons behind her youthful appearance at the age of 59, attributing it to her commitment to regular exercise.

While expressing her concern about pedestrians neglecting the use of footbridges on busy highways, Passaris emphasised the health benefits of utilising them, highlighting the importance of exercise in maintaining one’s well-being.

“I really think that it is sad that you don’t want an exercise, and you know what? I look hot because I exercise, I exercise,” the MP shared.

Expressing shock at pedestrians risking their safety by avoiding footbridges and attempting to cross busy roads, Passaris stressed the need for addressing this behavior.

“I don’t know. What should the government do? Put rails, and then you’ll jump over the rails? This is insane. We have to become orderly; it is so important.”

She took the opportunity to educate pedestrians on the significance of using footbridges, emphasising that in the event of accidents while crossing roads instead of using flyovers, there would be no compensation.

“The reason why the government spends a lot of money on footbridges is so that you’re safe. No insurance company will pay when you’re knocked or injured by crossing the road and not a footbridge. You don’t get any compensation.”

Passaris also humorously illustrated how footbridges could be used for exercise to maintain a healthy weight.

“Footbridges are investments to keep you safe,” she added.

Furthermore, she suggested that the government should take a strict stance on pedestrians crossing roads when there is a flyover available.

“All Kenyans who cross underneath the flyover should be arrested, hopefully, they will learn, and they will become a statistic that is not paid by insurance.”

Recent statistics on road accidents in the current year indicate that over 3,900 people lost their lives, a situation attributed by Roads CS Kipchumba Murkomen to reckless driving and overspeeding.