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Passaris reveals how fuel tax vote was ‘predetermined’, but KOT will hear none of it

By SYLVANIA AMBANI September 20th, 2018 2 min read

Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris has made a shocking revelation on the dramatic proceedings in parliament on Thursday when MP’s voted for the contentious Finance Bill 2018.

Passaris, who was absent from the House during Thursday’s proceedings, has said the vote during the stormy session had long been predetermined.

“Even if I were there it wouldn’t have helped. The decision was made from above and all who stood for 0% VAT seem doomed from the start. Let’s hope the second vote works as it was obvious the Nays had it. The honest results are yet to come. I am confident the house had 233+ votes,” Ms Passaris tweeted.

The Women Rep was responding to members of the online community who had vented out their rage on her for her no show.

“In the midst of all the rhetoric, I pray the cry of the People supersedes the noise and guides today’s vote. Given that I’m out of the Country with the Health Committee, I don’t have a vote but this is my stand; 0% VAT,” she had explained in earlier tweet.

Her revelation however did little to appease Kenyans on Twitter who continued bashing her.


@irdafrica said, “You have no stand if you are not in house voting; whichever way you voted yes to support the bill by default in absence. Enjoy the tax payer’s allowances abroad.”

@Dkamaau wrote, “We aren’t buying cheap sympathy you should have remained behind to vote if at all you care.”

@KinotiEng asked, “What is the health committee going to do outside the country when we see failed services at #Pumwani. Clean the house first. Another travel another allowances more wastage.”

@orengbonny commented, “Wrong time to be away!! You shouldn’t even tweet. Nkt.”

@waka_enock said, “Social network noise, you would have voted for that 8% hapa unapiga kelele mingii ya bure.”

@JamesOgola90 said, “Your unavailability in the house may just deny us the numbers to vote out the reservations by the president.”

@AGRIPPAH2 wrote, “I disagree with you on this. What was so urgent in that health trip which could not wait till this day passes? Your position on this VAT thing without the actual voting mean nothing to Nairobians and Kenyans at large. Take care there though.”