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Passaris gets salty at Sakaja after being snubbed for lunch date with Raila – PHOTOS

Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris has lashed out at Senator Johnson Sakaja for failing to invite her on a lunch date at Burma market.

Sakaja hosted ODM party leader Raila Odinga on a surprise visit to Burma market on Monday where they interacted with residents.

Mr Odinga’s presence at the market attracted a crowd and caused business to come to a standstill.

The leaders enjoyed a meal of beef stew, sukuma wiki and Ugali.

Ms Passaris has caught feelings after being snubbed in the outing. She argued that her presence would have balanced the gender in the ‘boys club’.

“#GenderBalance I promise I wouldn’t have over eaten and burst your budget if you invited me as the duly elected Woman Rep. This ‘boys club’ mentality needs to be checked. 50% of our population are women. We have been told to fight for our space. #SDG5 #RespectWomenLeaders,” tweeted Ms Passaris.

Kenyans on Twitter also shared their two cents on what they thought about her rant.

“How does you not being invited kukula na squad relating to #RespectWomenLeaders Ama you wanna fight for your space kwa hio form,” asked @NicolaSirengo.

“Seems like everyone wants a spot on Baba’s dinner table,” said @Danmutinda.

“Njoo nikupeleke pia wewe ule,” declared @durran48.

“Pia we enda na usi m invite,” wrote @pointusPilate.

“I thought you also have a girl’s club even with a dress code and you wonder why you weren’t invited,” commented @labanmathenge.