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Passaris offers Sh10k reward to PhotoShop gurus with clues to this photo

The bitter fallout between Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and Woman Rep Esther Passaris appears not to be ending anytime soon.

This is after a PhotoShopped image of the two snuggling  in bed went viral on social media.

Ms Passaris has offered a Sh10,000 cash reward to anyone who identify the original photo.

A reverse search of photo reveals it has previously been used in an article published in an online magazine.

“Calling on #KOT Bureau of Investigations: Sh10,000 Cash Award to anyone who can identify the three original photos used in this lame photoshop mashup. From #RecordingArtist to #DigitalArtist. What next?” tweeted Ms Passaris.


Mr Sonko weighed in by quickly distancing himself from the man in the photo. He said he does not hug from behind.

“I can see some idleness by some hired people here. This is photoshop, I don’t hug from behind,” replied Mr Sonko.

Passaris and Sonko have been at each other’s necks since the Madaraka Day celebrations where the latter went on a verbal attack on the Woman Rep.

Their spat did not end there; the governor went to the JKL Show where he mentioned instances he claims Passaris had asked for money from him.

Passaris responded on her Twitter handle telling Mr Sonko off.

She asked him to take the evidence to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission.