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Passaris walks out of Sonko’s lengthy Madaraka Day lecture

Nairobi woman Representative Esther Passaris was forced to walk out of the Madaraka Day celebrations at Pumwani Police Station after Governor Mike Sonko subjected her to a lengthy lecture.

In his  speech, Sonko went ballistic as he appeared to be solely targeting Passaris in his endless tirade.

Sonko started by telling Passaris to follow the laid down laws if she wanted to implement any development project within the county.


But things got out of hand when Sonko told Passaris to stop going round saying that he does not answer her phone calls.

“Ume complain simu zako sishiki… nikiwa kwa mkutano kama hii, siwezi shika simu, sababu iko pale nyuma… hata mimi saa zengine napigia Rais hashiki simu, na siwezi complain, because he is a busy president. Kwa hivyo mimi sio bwana yako ati nishike simu saa ile wewe unataka! Kwa hivo hapo tuheshimiane,” Sonko said.

This is when Passaris stood up from seat and walked away even as some of the governor’s supporters heckled and jeered her.