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Passaris to sue blogger Robert Alai over ‘demeaning’ post

Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris has vowed to take legal action against blogger Robert Alai for a social media post she deems as defamatory.

The planned action by Passaris comes after Alai made a post on his twitter account criticising leaders from Nairobi County for reportedly not fighting corruption and instead being distracted by other matters.

The offensive tweet that was posted on December 11, 2019 on Alai’s official verified twitter handle was later deleted with no explanation offered.

On Thursday the Nairobi Woman Representative said she had taken the matter up with her lawyers through this post:

“I have instructed my lawyers. #RobertALiar will have his ‘days of doom’ sooner rather than later. This I will pursue. It is honestly pathetic that over the years he derives relevancy by attempting to demean my being and my stature to whats between my legs. #respectwomen”