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Passaris: I used Sh10m for my campaigns

Businesswoman Esther Passaris has disclosed that she used Sh10 million in her campaign to clinch ODM’s Woman Representative ticket.

Passaris said the amount was raised by her family, friends, suppliers and donations from people who believed in her.

“I’ve been in this game before and I have a lot of people that believe in me so I didn’t have time to really hold fundraising dinners. I’m not gonna do it that way, I’m gonna do it different because I don’t wanna just raise money for me, I wanna raise money for myself my party as well as for women,” Passaris said during an interview on Citizen TV.

She admitted that politics is expensive and she had to sponsor a few MCA’s in terms of agent fees for both days as the cancellation of nominations meant they would still pay the agents who had cleared their day for the job on April 25.


The businesswoman highlighted her plan for Nairobi women and youths by giving more information on the various funds availed to the two groups by the government.

“Now that I have a breather, May and June I’m not gonna spend it campaigning, I’m gonna spend it in city hall. Because for me, the people that I wanna serve it’s the county government that I need more. I mean Ronnie Osumba is gonna see me in the next two weeks, I want to understand what’s going on with the youth fund. I wanna understand what’s going on with the Uwezo Fund. I want to understand, how are we not able to get this fund down, I don’t want to wait until I’m elected,” said Passaris.

The Adopt-a-Light chief said her greatest virtue is compassion and it was the reason why she ventured in lighting the slums.

She admitted that the woman representative kitty is too small to offer solutions to the women and youth adding that she will raise private funds.