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Passaris: We have surgeons here in Kenya who take their patients for granted

After months of being the recipient of harsh criticism from Kenyans on social media, Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris has explained why she opted to seek treatment in India.

Passaris says she made the decision after a close friend of hers who was suffering from a similar condition ended up being crippled after undergoing a surgery at a hospital in the country.

The friend then had to go to India for corrective surgery.

“… my girlfriend with the same condition was operated at a hospital here, with a surgeon perceived to be the best, and she ended up crippled due to nerve damage. She had to go to India for corrective surgery. We have surgeons who take their patients for granted,” Passaris.

Ms Passaris flew to India in December 31, 2019 where she was admitted at a hospital and underwent a spinal surgery.

Before travelling to India she underwent several procedures in the country.

She revealed that she had been having severe back pains dating back to 20 years ago when she gave birth.

The complication, according to the lawmaker, made her miss doing a lot, including working out in a gym. She also cannot walk for more than half an hour.