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Passenger takes off with matatu’s number plate for being shortchanged

A man has shocked Kenyans on Twitter after taking off with the number plate of a public service vehicle, for leaving him stranded on the highway.

Samuel Njuguna on Thursday morning at 6:30am boarded a Matatu at Roasters and a few meters away after the conductor had collected the bus fares from the travelers, the matatu was stopped by a traffic police officer who then proceeds to arrest the conductor.

The driver then parked the vehicle near KCA University and alighted, leaving the passengers alone in the matatu.

“I had given the conductor Sh1,000 and he had not returned my change, I was furious given the fact that it was the only money I had, other passengers started alighting from the vehicle to find alternative means of transport, but I did and stayed in the matatu,” he told Nairobi News on the phone.


Mr Njuguna was determined not to leave without his money and that is when he decided to go to the driver’s side and take the car insurance sticker.

If that was not enough, a quick inspection of the car done by him, helped him to find a spanner inside the car glove compartment, that he used to remove the vehicles number plates.

“I knew with those items they had to look for me. Since the only thing I wanted was my money back,” says Njuguna.

The driver after seeing this immediately followed him and started to negotiate with him to return the items. Njuguna was refunded his full amount before surrendering the car insurance sticker and number plate.

Kenyans on Twitter were amazed by Njuguna’s action. Below are their reactions: