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Passengers accost Nairobi tout for attempting to ‘eat’ fare – VIDEO

By Leon Lidigu February 1st, 2021 1 min read

A bus conductor faced the wrath of his angry passengers in a Nairobi matatu on Monday following a dispute over monies he allegedly owed them.

A number of passengers in the matatu plying the Ruiru-Nairobi route were heard complaining the conductor, who appeared in his mid-thirties never returned change to his customers.

“This is what he usually does, it not my first time boarding this bus,” Mary Wanjiku, one of the passengers told Nairobi News.

Wanjiku was one of the 11 complainants who had sensed a rip-off.

The confrontation ensued leading to the tout to plead with his passengers to reimburse the change.

“Afadhali ata aninunulie airtime ya mia kama hawezi rudisha pesa yangu [he might us well buy me Sh 100 airtime if he can’t return my money],” Paul Ngunjiri, one of the passengers shouted from the back seat.

“Shameless man who just wants to ‘eat’ the money I am supposed to use for transport from class,” Jared Ingosi, a computer studies student in Ngara shouted.

The passengers went ahead to compel the driver of the Nawasuku Sacco bus, a KCB 037H to stop at a petrol station so that his tout would source for some coins to facilitate the reimbursement.

Overpowered and defeated, the tout had no option but to refund all he had not settled.