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Passengers delayed for hours after Nairobi-bound SGR train stalls  

By Hilary Kimuyu November 18th, 2021 1 min read

Passengers onboard the Mombasa-Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) train on Thursday experienced a prolonged delay enroute after the train developed mechanical problems.

Passengers had to wait for almost two hours before the operator dispatched a freight locomotive to pull the train after it stalled at Lesonkoyo station.

The effected train left Mombasa at 8am and had been expected to arrive in Nairobi at 2pm.

Kenya Railways later issued a statement saying the inter-county train had been delayed “due to a mechanical issue,” without elaborating further.

“The Inter-county train from Mombasa to Nairobi has developed a mechanical problem resulting in an undue delay. We have dispatched a rescue locomotive to enable the passengers to complete the journey. The 3pm Express train to Mombasa will now depart at 5pm. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused,” ,” the company said.

A passenger aboard the train shared his experience on social media saying that no one told them anything until an announcement was made after the freight locomotive arrived.

“We are here and the train is full of students who are hungry and angry,” he said.

A video shared by a passenger at the terminal showed hundreds of disparate travellers seated while waiting for their train to depart.