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Past controversies resurface for newlywed radio presenter Nick Odhiambo

Renowned radio personality Nick Odhiambo has broken his silence over a viral screenshot circulating on social media, just days after his wedding to longtime partner Annie Sumbeiywo.

The screenshot, which has caused a stir online, shows a conversation between Odhiambo and a man called Byron in which a picture of a woman’s face is shared.

Many speculated that the woman in the picture was Odhiambo’s newlywed wife, leading to rumours of infidelity.

However, Odhiambo has since clarified that the picture was from an old group conversation and was meant as a joke.

In a statement, he said:

Mumesema mwanaume hawezi kaa (You have decided that a man cannot stay happily married for more than 24 hours). Who hurt you. This trending picture is from 10 years ago. And a cropped screenshot. I was wondering why people are calling my number all day today and hanging up.

The conversation, which was mostly in Luo, showed Odhiambo expressing his distress at seeing the picture, with Byron trying to calm him down.

However, a subsequent text from Odhiambo reveals that the whole conversation was actually a joke.

“Hehe… I’m playing… simjui huyo dada (I don’t know this lady),” he wrote.

It has also been confirmed that the woman in the picture does not resemble Odhiambo’s wife, putting the cheating rumours to rest.

Despite Odhiambo’s efforts to clear the air, Twitter users have seized the opportunity to mock the radio host, bringing up past controversies and creating memes.

Nick Odhiambo’s wedding

Radio personality Nick Odhiambo celebrated his traditional wedding with close family and friends on Saturday 13 April.

The ceremony took place at a lodge in Kajiado County.

Taking to Instagram, Odhiambo shared a photo of his new wife with the caption:

“My Queen Mrs Odhiambo. Aka baby girl.”

Little information is known about Nick Odhiambo’s wife.