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Pastor Ben Kiengei: ‘Carry’ your brains when you go to church

Kameme FM presenter-cum-pastor Ben Kiengei has urged Christians to “carry their brains” even when going to church to avoid being brainwashed through the scriptures.

Speaking during a church service at the Jesus Christ Compassion Ministries International, Pastor Kiengei asked his congregants not to allow even pastors to think on their behalf and to always employ common sense.

Coming in the wake of the discovery of tens of bodies of cult members who are believed to have starved themselves to death in Shakahola, Kilifi County, Pastor Kiengei said it is better to be in the club than such a church.

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“These things are not happening outside. They are in the church. Sometimes it is even better the club you will be sipping your drink and someone gives you a samosa than being in such a church,” Pastor Kiengei said.

“You are starving yourself to death while the pastor is just swaying his behind after being full. Stop this madness of the spirit,” he added.

More than 90 bodies already exhumed from Shakahola cult mass graves in Kilifi County. The deceased are believed to have been instructed to starve themselves to death by cult leader Pastor Paul Mackenzie of Good News International Church.

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In one area far away from Mackenzie’s house in the expansive Shakahola forest, more than 80 bodies have been recovered in the nearly 50 by 100 space.

This has been so far the biggest area bodies have been found as detectives are yet to start exhuming other marked graves.

Pastor Mackenzie alongside 13 others are in police and have already been arraigned court.

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