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Pastor Ben Kiengei explains why women cheat

A popular radio presenter in Nairobi has opened up on the reasons ladies cheat in relationships.

Ben Kiengei, attached to Kamame FM, and also the Jesus Compassion Ministries International bishop who is known to discuss relationships, suggests women need attention from their spouses.

Further, the comical pastor noted that not fulfilling the desires of a woman both physically, emotionally, and sexually is the driving cause of cheating.

He said that if as a man you are never present always on business meetings and trips in and out of the country, your wife will look for someone else to be with her.

“You will find some ladies still attached to their exes who were bad boys. These women will leave their posh houses in Runda, Karen, and go to Kawangware to meet their ex. This is because these men know how to treat the lady well. Offers massages, cooks for her, spend quality time with her while you as her husband are very busy chasing the bag and never have time for her.”

Adding that this is the recipe for the rot in the society where the place of boychild has been eroded, Bishop Kiengei explained that the lack of a father figure presence makes the sons not man up.

“Lack of a father figure makes the child unaware of how a man should be. This young man will fall into the hands of her mother’s friends who will prey on him.”

Intimating that God-given responsibility to a man is for them to take care of their family, Pastor Kiengei noted that the erosion in families is attributed to a lack of grounding.

“You will find a man is drinking with his buddies and maybe some of them are not in stable relationships or are single, and divorced. You devote time with them at the expense of your family and come at midnight with kilos of meat. This will not make things up. You cannot excite your family with stupid things. What we have in families is visitor fathers,” he shared.

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