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Pastor Ezekiel: Couples who buy expensive rings don’t last

Pastor Ezekiel Odero, a figure known for his controversial teachings, has once again stirred the pot, this time by discouraging couples from purchasing extravagant wedding rings for their spouses.

The preacher, who leads the New Life Prayer Center Church, asserted that the obsession with costly rings is one of the factors contributing to the decline in the longevity of marriages today.

During a recent sermon at his church, Pastor Ezekiel seized the moment to share his unorthodox views on marriage and ring expenses.

He singled out a female congregant, inquiring about the price of her ring, and then drew a stark comparison with the ring he had purchased for his own wedding to his wife, Sarah.

“I bought my wedding ring for only 15 bob,” Pastor Ezekiel proudly declared before pausing for effect.

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“And my marriage has lasted until today.”

The controversial pastor went on to express his belief that his enduring marriage was not solely due to the inexpensive ring but rather attributed it to a spiritual ring bestowed upon him by a divine intervention.

“But a spiritual ring was placed on me that has kept my marriage alive until today. And that spiritual ring is expensive; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise,” Ezekiel asserted with conviction.

Pastor Ezekiel further advised individuals aspiring to get married to prioritize their spiritual connection with God before entering into matrimony.

He boldly claimed that his church, the New Life Prayer Center, holds a unique anointing for nurturing strong marriages through spiritual guidance.

“Kuna watu wanafurahi kwamba wanafanya harusi na pete ghali, nyinyi cheka,” he advised.

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(“Some people are delighted about having expensive weddings and rings, but you should laugh at that.) When you get married, come to New Life, or else you might find yourself in a situation where your marriage crumbles. Because a wedding is an event, the cake is for those who attended the wedding, and the food is for the gossipers. But when you get to your home, that’s when the real marriage begins.”

This is just one of the many controversial teachings he has adopted.

He also recently issued a caution to men regarding entering into matrimony with women bearing the name Diana.

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