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Pastor Ezekiel Odero lawyers differ with his supporters inside church

Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s lawyers and a section of his supporters have differed while inside the compound of his New Life Prayer Center and Church located in Mavueni, Kilifi County.

It all started while lawyers; Cliff Ombeta and Mr Dunstan Omari were addressing the media over their plans ahead of Mr Odero’s arraignment in court on Tuesday, May 2, 2023.

As they were addressing the media, angry followers of Pastor Odero started chasing journalists away as they accused them of being behind the troubles that the preacher was facing.

However, the two outspoken lawyers went ahead and said that sending media personalities away would only create doubt over the operations of the church and the followers at large.

“We have come here to prove that the reports being propagated are lies. You will allow me to enter this premises with both local and international media including BBC. Once we’re done, we will bring a report,” Mr Omari said.

According to the followers, reporters from particular media houses were not allowed in the compound as they had been barred from accessing it.

They accused the media houses of peddling lies about the preacher which led to his arrest and detention by the police.

The two lawyers have confirmed they will be representing the preacher in court once he is arraigned.

They also want the prosecution team to provide evidence that links the preacher to terrorism and murder.

Police officers and sleuths attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have already linked the preacher to the Shakahola massacre where over 100 bodies have been exhumed from shallow graves.

Sleuths following up on Pastor Odero’s case believe that he is also linked to cult-leader Paul Mackenzie who asked his followers to starve to death if they wanted to go to heaven and see Jesus.

On Thursday, April 27, 2023, Lawyer Omari said that he will be part of the team that will be representing the preacher in court.

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