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Pastor James Ng’ang’a explains beef with Benny Hinn following Nairobi crusade

Pastor James Ng’ang’a, the controversial figure behind Neno Evangelism, has expressed his dissatisfaction with the recent crusade conducted by renowned preacher Benny Hinn at Nyayo Stadium.

Ng’ang’a, accompanied by his wife Murugi, attended the event alongside other Kenyan preachers with high expectations, only to be left unimpressed by Hinn’s performance.

According to Ng’ang’a, who addressed his congregants on February 25, 2023, he had attended the crusade to observe how Hinn operates under the influence of God.

However, his experience fell short of his expectations as he witnessed Hinn struggling during the service, particularly in his role as a singer.

“I went to the meeting. I just went to see how God uses him. I will not speak now, but something is very wrong.

That man struggled. He struggled. He is a singer and he sang in my presence, but he struggled,” Ng’ang’a remarked during his sermon.

Adding to his grievances, Ng’ang’a also lamented the lack of respect he received at the event.

He claimed that despite his presence, he was only mentioned once and was seated far from the main stage, which he perceived as a slight against him.

“I am a man of tactics na mahesabu. I was put to sit somewhere at a table that was not so close. I was only recognised once, Kenya one ako hapa.”

Ng’ang’a told his congregant to mind their business.

“Greet somebody and tell them to mind your own business. I was there and I have seen my ministry there,” Ng’ang’a asserted.

Pastor Ng’ang’a reflected on the importance of focusing on one’s endeavours and refraining from attending events uninvited.

“I had hoped for an opportunity to showcase my musical talents, perhaps even leading to divine intervention, but alas, it seems Kenya is not ready to embrace me.

They extend their hospitality to Ugandans, granting them seats of honor. I observed Pastor Ezekiel seated closer to the entrance, ahead of me… even a simple gesture of acknowledgment was absent,” he said.

“I was merely observing the manifestation of God’s power through both myself and Benny Hinn. Despite the lack of recognition from the Kenyan government, I remain assured of my recognition by the divine government,” he added.

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