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Pastor James Ng’ang’a reveals how he avoided heart surgery

Neno Evangelism, James Ng’ang’a has shared a personal story about how he managed to avoid undergoing a heart surgery that doctors had recommended for him.

During the sermon, the revered man of God urged his congregation not to accept every medical recommendation they receive from doctors blindly.

He recounted his own experience, cautioning people to be vigilant and consider seeking a second opinion.

Ng’ang’a disclosed that he had injured himself while working out at the gym, which led him to visit the hospital for a checkup, thanks to his insurance coverage.

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At the hospital, he encountered a female doctor who advised him to undergo various scans, including an MRA (Magnetic Resonance Angiogram).

However, the pastor expressed skepticism about the doctor’s diagnosis and recommended treatment.

In his own words, Ng’ang’a warned the attendees, “Don’t believe everything doctors say to you. They are in businesses. Nikama kiosk. Go to another one.”

He emphasized that individuals should not readily accept major medical interventions without carefully considering their options.

The situation turned concerning when the doctor insisted that Ng’ang’a undergo heart surgery, claiming a serious heart issue.

Feeling hesitant, the pastor decided to seek a second opinion.

Ng’ang’a mentioned that he still carries a part of his past, referring to a time he spent in prison years ago, which makes him less fearful of certain threats.

With his wife’s assistance, they conducted further research online and discovered that the pain he was experiencing was likely a result of his gym workouts and not a severe heart condition.

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They found that the pain was expected to subside after approximately eight days.

The pastor decided to follow this advice and opted against heart surgery.

After three days, as predicted, the pain disappeared, and he felt relieved.

“I knew they would take me for surgery since I have a Sh5 million insurance. Both inpatient and outpatient. My wife googled and realized the pain was due to me lifting weights in the gym. She discovered that the pain would disappear after 8 days, and I did that. After three days, the pain was gone.”

Drawing from his experience, Ng’ang’a encouraged his congregation not to rush into surgeries and to explore alternative opinions if they feel uncertain about a recommended procedure.

He emphasized the power of faith and trust in God, asserting that while diseases exist, divine intervention and second opinions can lead to better outcomes.

Sa zingine msikubali kukatakatwa (Sometimes don’t accept to be sliced open). Hide that paper, go to a different doctor, and let them examine you. I am not saying diseases are not there, they are there, but God is there.”