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Pastor Kanyari reemerges with bundles of cash

By NAIRA HABIB February 5th, 2018 1 min read

Controversial city preacher Victor Kanyari has angered a section of his followers on social media after posting a picture of himself flaunting bundles of cash.

In the photo, the preacher is seen seated on a sofa with a table in front of him laden with a plate of bread and a tea flask. Also on the edge of the table is a stack of cash which he appears to be counting.

“A smile is a language even a baby understands. It costs nothing but it creates much. Happy day friends,” Kanyari captioned the photo.


Mr Kanyari is infamously known as the Sh310 preacher after an exposé a few years ago busted him asking his congregation to give ‘seed money’ in exchange of ‘miracles’.

Most of his followers, however, seemed unpleased with the preacher’s post with some asking him to send them back their Sh310 miracle money.

“Hii ni ushestani. Hii sio tabia ya mwokovu na mtumishi wa Mungu anayeelewa tunabarikiwa kwa neema ya damu ya Yesu. Ogopa Mungu. Yeye hadhihakiwi.” Pastor Solomon Martin wrote.

“It only in Kenya where a prophet wakes up and she shares how much he has instead of word of God,” Kennedy Kibunjah commented.

“Showing off is wrong,” wrote Carey Hassan Amor

“Yani kanyari Unakula Chai na pesa,” joked Muteshtembe Tesh.

“What’s is the mining of that show?” asked Maina Freedom Freedom.