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Pastor Kanyari claims ‘cheap’ cars like proboxes are death traps

Salvation Healing Ministry’s preacher, Victor Kanyari, has stirred controversy by advising his congregants to steer clear of ‘cheap’ cars such as Proboxes, which he termed as death traps.

In an undated viral video that has sparked debate, the outspoken pastor asserted that the rare occurrence of young deaths among the affluent is linked to the quality and safety features of their expensive vehicles.

“I have never heard of a wealthy person dying at a young age; it’s very rare, about one out of ten.”

He went on to claim that well-made, expensive cars like V8s rarely lead to fatal accidents, unlike their cheaper counterparts, Proboxes, and motorbikes.

The controversial preacher explained the supposed safety advantages of expensive vehicles, emphasizing how features like airbags can significantly reduce the fatality rate in accidents.

“Even if you lose control and the vehicle crashes, those airbags are there inside, even without salvation and prayers… one will catch you here, another one will catch you there… you find yourself sitting inside the blankets like this, as if you’ve not just had an accident… do the same inside a Probox, and you’ll be cut like meat.”

Kanyari went on to provide a graphic depiction of the dire outcomes of accidents involving Proboxes, attributing it to the supposedly inferior materials used in their construction.

This is not the first time he has made controversial remarks during his Church services.

In September, 2022, he emerged with another ‘panda mbegu’ scheme where he was recorded telling his followers he would reward anyone with Sh30k if they made an Sh500 offering.

Kanyari said he calls that ‘Miracle money’ and it just happens to people who have strong faith.

“I have never stolen or forced anyone to send us money. You send me money, and God rewards you with more money,” he said.

Asked if indeed he sends money to the people, Kanyari said he doesn’t send money to anyone.

“Look for Sh100 bob or any amount and send it to us and God will open doors for you. So many come back to say they were blessed after sending money to us,” he affirmed.