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Pastor Kathy Kiuna opens up about being a teen mum

Pastor Kathy Kiuna has opened up on how terrified she was at becoming a mother during her teens.

Mrs Kiuna, of the Jubilee Christian Centre (JCC) said she became a mum at a time she had no idea of what the future held for her.

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The fear of the unknown she says can sometimes be a hindrance to someone making it difficult for them to trust in God.

“My baby girl Vanessa is really a reminder for me of the goodness and faithfulness of God. When I look back at my life, and how young I was when I got her, I didn’t know what the future holds, I didn’t know if I’d make a great mum as a teen. But the one who holds the future knew the plans He had for me and the more I trusted in Him, the more He unraveled His plans,” Mrs Kiuna said.

“Life, can throw you into very dark and foggy situations and you find yourself in situations you didn’t expect or plan for and the only thing that fills your mind is fear of the unknown. It is easy to tell someone to trust God when you’re not the one in the predicament, but I come as a witness that there’s is a God that knows all things, He will always make a way out of any situation,” she said.

Her daughter, Vanessa, is now a mother and the woman of cloth says it is all God’s doing who has held her hand throughout her life.

Through her experience, Mrs Kiuna also advised people not to give up in life no matter what situation they are going through.

“When I look at my daughter now, she’s a wife and an amazing mum, I can’t help but thank God because I couldn’t have made it without Him holding me. God uses anything to display His affectionate nature of a father and even in the thickest of situations, He is still present,” she said.

“You may be feeling lost and alone or you may be in a mess or a dark situation, I pray for you, that God Shall show up and show off in your life. Suicide and quitting are not the solution, God is, and He will pull you through. Years to come you’ll look back and be grateful that you trusted Him through it all. God works out ALL THINGS, even the one you’re currently facing has a solution.”