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Pastor Ng’ang’a banishes church member who made ‘stupid’ prayer request

If you are a member of the Neno Evangelism Centre, then be wary of this prayer request that will make you end up being banished from the church.

This after Pastor James Ng’ang’a (the founder of the church) was captured on video telling off one of his church follower, who had requested him to pray for his business that is not doing well.

According to the pastor that was a “stupid” request given the current situation in the country and the person should not show their face at his church again.

“Kuna mtu mwingine mjinga tu, mtu ambaye ana kichwa mbaya, ana akili mbaya. Ananitumia message ati numuombee, ati biashara yake iko chini, wewe ni mtu mjinga. Kama wewe ni mshirika wangu nisikuone kanisani tena, tafuta kanisa ingine uingie ya uganga uganga. We can’t talk about business now… watu wanakufa. You can’t talk about business when everything is lockdown. Hiyo text tumiya polisi,” said Pastor Ng’ang’a.


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General has spoken…

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The clergyman has in the past been in the spotlight for bullying his church members.

One instant includes when he humiliated and embarrassed a woman over the way she was dressed.