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Pastor Ng’ang’a defends side chics, shades Pastor Ezekiel

By Beth Nyambura December 20th, 2022 2 min read

Neno Evangelism founder Pastor James Ng’ang’a has asked ‘goat wives’ – women whose dowry has been paid – to pray for their husband’s side dishes. This view is contrary to the famous man of God, Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s opinion, who says side chics should die for destroying marriages.

In an undated viral video, Pastor Ng’an’ga told women to pray for side chics not to die but to move on and get their husbands.

“I hear you are now praying for side chics to die. Women like that so much,” he said.

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Pastor Ng’ang’a said that the side chics are not to blame as men often make the first move.

“Pray for side chics to get their husbands but not for them to die. Why should you kill them, yet your husband is the one straying?”

Ng’ang’a blamed men stating that most of them are promiscuous and that women should deal with their behavior first.

“You killer! You are preaching good news and telling people to kill. Two wrongs cannot make a right. If you want them killed, you become witches, you, together with your husband who is looking for a side chic.”

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Pastor Ng'ang'a preaching
Pastor Ng’ang’a preaching

Ng’ang’a stated that in most cases, such men never learn and would still look for another woman.

“He will leave you again and get another side chic. How many are you going to kill?”

Ng’ang’a’s opinion is contrary to that of Pastor Ezekiel, who accused side chics of destroying marriages.

Pastor Ezekiel Odera of New Life Church in Mombasa said, “Women who have stolen other people’s husbands and are expecting children out of wedlock should die.”

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In yet another service, Pastor Ezekiel discouraged men from neglecting their wives for side chics.

Pastor Ezekiel
Pastor Ezekiel Odero

According to him, a side chic might end up dumping the man after he has educated her kids.

“I always ask men, before a woman comes to settle with you with her children, has she not left another man? Here you accept her into your life, while she might have done wrong in her previous relationship and was thrown out.

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(Mimi naulizanga wanaume, kitambo mwanamke aje na watoto wake, si ametoka mahali, wewe wamuone vizuri, ni reject wa mtu mpaka mtu akamfukuza. Wewe ndio unampokea ‘baby’. Huyu baby wako ni baboon kwingine. Amefukuzwa.)”

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