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Pastor Ng’ang’a dismisses congregant who tithed sh500

A video featuring Pastor James Ng’ang’a, the founder of Neno Evangelism, has made waves on social media as it captures the pastor passionately dismissing a congregant who tithed only sh500.

The footage highlights the pastor’s uncompromising stance on the value of tithes and the need for generosity among his followers.

In the video, the controversial pastor is seen fervently addressing his congregation while narrating a story about a member who offered him sh500 and requested prayers for his family.

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Pastor Ng’ang’a expressed his disbelief at the seemingly modest contribution, stating that it was inadequate for the magnitude of the task.

In the video, Ng’ang’a can be heard saying:

“Someone sent me Sh500 and told me to remember his family including his grandchildren. 500, how will I remember people with Sh500. What ministry is that? There is even no fuel costing sh500. That one please work with Nairobi witchdoctors. Here we train you how we want. You can go and build your own church.”

This incident is not the first time Pastor Ng’ang’a has vocally critiqued the amount of money his churchgoers tithe.

In a separate video, he harshly chastised members of his congregation for offering only Sh100 as their tithe.

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Pastor James Ng’ang’a preaching and a Sh100 note. PHOTO| COURTESY

He exclaimed: “Conmen, liars! Is that how you value your life? Giving God only 100 bob? No wonder you can’t see God’s blessings in your life. You perish like dogs on the road. The devil is deceiving you because you are not taking the scriptures seriously.”

During his sermon, Pastor Ng’ang’a further emphasized the importance of wholehearted and generous giving to God, particularly for those who profess to be servants of the divine.

He urged his followers to consider their offerings seriously and to demonstrate the same level of generosity toward God as they would when seeking assistance for their children’s education.

“100 bob from Monday to Sunday, and you know you are serving God? You don’t even care what you present at His altar.

Have you thought about what God will say when He sees you giving Him just 100 bob? You have a brain, energy, and a heart – why not extend the same generosity to God as you would when seeking help for your child’s education?” he questioned.

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