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Pastor Ng’ang’a exposes request for Sh1m contribution to Benny Hinn crusade

Controversial televangelist and founder of Neno Evangelism Centre, James Ng’ang’a, has dropped a bombshell revelation, exposing undisclosed Kenyan preachers who sought a Sh 1 million contribution from him for an upcoming mega meeting featuring renowned evangelist Benny Hinn in February.

In a video clip circulating on social media, Ng’ang’a condemned the preachers who allegedly used Benny Hinn’s name to solicit money for the event, stating, “We will honour Benny Hinn with offerings, but coming to me to say that we need to contribute Sh 1 million to prepare for his meeting is stealing using the name of God’s servant.”

Ng’ang’a did not disclose the identity of the preachers involved but expressed his disapproval of their actions.

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Meanwhile, Benny Hinn disclosed in September 2023 that First Lady Rachel Ruto had flown to Orlando, Florida, accompanied by Ugandan preacher Robert Kayanja, to personally invite him for a nationwide government-sponsored crusade in Nairobi.

“The First Lady of Kenya flew from Nairobi with her team, just for one reason; to ask me to come back to Nairobi for a nationwide government-sponsored crusade,” shared Hinn during one of his sermons.

The evangelist expressed surprise at the unique invitation, noting that such occurrences were rare in his experience.

The plan was for joint crusades in both Kenya and Uganda, with two events scheduled for each country.

“The only time I think we’ve ever had that was in Papua New Guinea,” added Hinn.

Back in 2002, Benny Hinn had a mega crusade in Kenya where media personality Maina Kageni shared an anecdote about his mother giving Sh500,000 as a tithe to the US preacher.

According to the radio host, his mother willingly donated a substantial amount to Hinn, but when he asked her for Sh40,000, she claimed not to have any cash.

His visit to Kenya at that time saw Hinn gain significant attention attracting thousands of followers.