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Pastor Ng’ang’a gifts his longtime female friend with a car

Neno Evangelism founder Pastor James Ng’ang’a on Saturday gifted one of his longtime female friends, with a car.

During his New Year’s all-night-prayer event, kesha, the man of God called a lady in front of the podium and spoke highly about how they met.

Pastor Ng’ang’a told his congregation that the lady identified as Mama Mbugua used to buy fruits from his mkokoteni in the 1990s when he was released from prison.

“This woman here, I met her in the church that I used to worship at after I left prison,” Ng’ang’a narrated.

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He said her husband also used to buy him food during those days when he was struggling.

“She used to buy fruits from my mkokoteni. Her husband also loved me very much. They would buy me lunch and encourage me to continue with my hustle. This woman would step out and buy a lot of fruits from me. She would go to the supermarket but she chose to support me.”

He said that Mama Mbugua was also the person who helped him in buying the choir’s uniform when he opened his first church.

For her generosity over those years, Pastor Ng’ang’a told his wife Murugi to go home with her and let her choose one of their cars and go home with it.

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Ng’ang’a said he had for a long time wanted to reward her but that was the perfect day.

“Please go home with her, so she can choose one car. There are five cars in my home, chose what you want, it will be fuelled and you go with it to Mombasa.”

Pastor Ng’ang’a was preaching about opening doors for other people. The founder of the Neno Evangelism owns several assets in the country among them is Sunny Hill Hotel in Naivasha.

The pastor is also the director of the luxurious hotel that attracts a large number of local and international tourists who visit the Rift Valley region.

He also reportedly owns a multi-million residential home located along the Kipevu Road in Karen.

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Recently, the controversial man of God told his congregants to live flashy lifestyles even when they do not have money.

He told them to buy expensive cars and build mansions.

Ng’ang’a also warned them against looking ordinary, explaining that this makes life boring.

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