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Pastor Ng’ang’a in fresh controversy with ‘Christianity is for the poor’ sermon

By Winnie Mabel February 7th, 2023 2 min read

Controversial Kenyan Pastor James Ng’ang’a has sparked fresh controversy over remarks that have been perceived to imply that Christianity is for the poor because the wealthy do not need God. Pastor Ng’ang’a made the remarks during a sermon at his Neno Evangelism Church where he attracts a huge congregation despite his scandalous and opulent lifestyle that does not align with the Christian faith.

In the now viral clips, Pastor Ng’ang’a is seen standing among his congregation, telling them he does not live in urban slums like them.

“I don’t live in Kawangware like you… I don’t live in Mathare but at least you live in Mathare where you can talk to your immediate neighbours. Where I live, you can’t even talk to your neighbour, we just wave hi to each other. But you can meet your neighbour at the kiosk which sells mutura and catch up over stories. Where I live, you can’t converse with anyone. You can’t stop someone to preach the gospel to them,” Pastor Ng’ang’a said.

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“There are no kiosks where I live. You people have the opportunity in the matatu (public service vehicles), you are seated with someone in the matatu and you can say ‘praise the Lord, Amen’ and you introduce yourself as a servant of God. If you are both travelling far like to Mombasa, before you get to Mtito Andei, you even ask them to let you buy tea or coffee for them and before you get to Kibwezi, the other passenger will by then ask you to pray for them,” he went on.

In another clip from the same preaching, Pastor Ng’ang’a is captured telling his captivated congregation that there was no ordinary rich person who would deny themselves and their women the pleasures of life to listen to other people.

“Which ordinary rich person can deny themselves eating meat? Which one? With a wife? Whiskey? Don’t even think that some rich people drink these cheap garbage that other people drink. They don’t drink these garbage you see around. Theirs are special and one bottle normally goes for about Sh30,000. You are asking where I know this from? Am I stupid like you? Where did I know this? Go away, I am not a child like you. You’re asking where I know these things from because I am a pastor? I am not a pastor. They are the pastors,” he says.

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Pastor Ng’ang’a goes on to single out one pastor who used to sell rat poison and love potions among other things on the streets before he became a pastor, adding that the man of God now drives an expensive vehicle, has his own church in Thika and has built his own house.

Kenyans who watched these clips deduced that Pastor Ng’ang’a was insinuating that the rich are too busy to listen to the word of God unlike poor people.

“And then you will find that ignorant congregation saying amen before they give offerings for the Pastor to fuel his vehicle and leave as they walk back to Mathare,” laughed one TikTok user.

“Christianity is the modern business con game. The congregants are the idiots. Christianity is for the poor, the rich don’t need God,” said one Eric Oyugi.

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