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Pastor Nganga mocks Mwaure Wahiga’s low votes – VIDEO

Controversial Pastor James Ng’ang’a has sarcastically laughed at the Agano Party’s presidential candidate Mwaure Wahiga’s performance in the August 2022 polls.

Ng’ang’a who was speaking in his church during a Kesha (overnight) service said Mwaure was defeated by someone who had promised to sell the private parts of hyenas.

“Yule nani siku hizi nimeona ako na kura nyingi sana. Yule anauza nyoka, bangi na unaona kuna Bishop ako hapo lakini huyu wa makende ndiye ako na kura nyingi

(I saw that guy (Wajackoyah) has many votes. The guy for selling snakes and weed, then you can see a Bishop is contesting too, but the dude who sells hyena balls has more votes than he has),” he said as he burst into laughter.

Ng’ang’a who was still laughing at Mwaure’s defeat advised, “Ngai na ni Bishop. Bishop ulienda kubaya rudi kwa kanisa.

(My Lord! and he is a Bishop. Bishop, you made a misstep, return to the church).”

Adding that he had checked and saw that Professor George Wajackoyah had votes even in Mandera, Ng’ang’a who couldn’t stop laughing at his fellow clergyman outlined how both candidates were dressed up while in public spaces.

Earlier, Pastor Ng’ang’a joined his fellow clergymen in strongly criticising the Roots Party presidential candidate’s manifesto warning their faithful to be wary of Prof. George Wajackoyah’s ideals, labelling them immoral and unethical.

Pastor Ng’ang’a said, “I will not allow you to destroy our future generation with weed.”

However, having been criticized by clergymen, Wajackoyah, a law professor shot back at the men of the cloth saying they had failed to read his manifesto, adding that they could not purport to tell him how to go about his business.

“Some bishops have been found in bushes sleeping recklessly, and instead of facing judgement, they are here trying to incite Kenyans,” Wajackoyah remarked.

“They have not read our manifesto. They only went straight into the smoking of marijuana. Tell those men of God that it is time they realize that Kenya doesn’t belong to them,” he added.