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Kenyans can’t understand how Pastor Ng’ang’a won road crash case

Kenyans were left seething with anger after a court acquitted flamboyant televangelist James Ng’ang’a who was charged with causing the death of a woman by dangerous driving in 2015.

The televangelist was charged three years ago with dangerous driving after his car crashed head-on into a Nissan March on July 26, 2015 at Manguo area in Limuru, killing Ms Mercy Njeri, who was a passenger in the Nissan.

He was acquitted on Mondat after Chief Magistrate Godfrey Oduor ruled that the evidence from prosecution’s witnesses had a lot of discrepancies.


Angry Kenyans on Twitter, using the hashtag #JusticeforMercyNjeri, called out what they described as a broken justice system in the country .

Most of the backlash was directed at Chief Justice David Maraga, whom Kenyans believe has turned a blind eye on the happenings in the courts.

CPhilip@CKipPhilip tweeted; “Ng’ang’a kills and he now walks scot free as if nothing happened, his church is still full of gullible Kenyans. What an irony!! There is no justice for the poor in our corrupt court.”

“Maraga is the head of courts where bribery is the order of the day. He should take responsibility. For Pendo and Moraa ask the hand cheque beneficiary…Raila’s goons were responsible for their deaths,”dantorish@dantorish1 posted on his handle.

“What kind of evidence do Kenyan courts need the woman died as a result of that Ng’ang’a and we all saw it in the news,” wondered Revil Thanos@RevilRomeo1.


Others found that the prosecution, and not the magistrate, was at fault for bungling the case.

Maskwel@Omogirango tweeted that; “Judges don’t investigate. Before yelling #JusticeForMercyNjeri I invite you to deal with prosecutors first. Thence would you know where and when a case is really lost.”

Others just painted a picture of the kind lifestyles that the clergy in the country are wont to have.

“It’s only in Kenya where pastors can touch women inappropriately, drink and drive, kill innocent souls and walk away free, divorce and remarry, buy expensive cars from our offerings and lie to us that if u don’t give you will not be blessed,” Kelvin Kev@Opesh observed.

Paul Njogu®@pgnjogu pointed out that; “It is high time we realize that foreign religions have created monsters among men who hide in the robe. African traditional religions had respect for human life and there was no impunity, bribery, bias and no one escaped justice.”

“Maraga and James Nganga share one thing in common. They are both self-proclaimed “religious men.” Could it be the reason why James Nganga was acquitted? Tafakari ya babu,” observed Denis Okaduyu @denisokaduyuDavid.