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Pastor seeking divorce after his wife’s sex tape is leaked

A young pastor in a Mombasa church has appealed to church elders to help him initiate divorce proceedings between him and his wife following a leaked sex tape of the wife with the senior pastor’s son.

The leaked video captured the woman pants down with the senior pastor’s son. The incident is reported to have happened some few years ago when the pastor and his would-be-wife were still courting

But Pastor Malachi Mwema*, is now claiming that his 26-year-old wife, Purity Mukami*, lied her way into their marriage.


“We started this relationship way before she joined college. She swore before our mothers to be faithful and we agreed that in the event of infidelity we would terminate the relationship,” the young pastor told the elders in a private caucus.

The pastor, who hails from Mombasa, is said to have engaged the woman a year after she finished high school. Thereafter he committed himself to paying her college fees, among other responsibilities.

The woman, who is known be an avid worship leader, in return was to remain faithful and abstain from any sort of sexual relationship with other men until marriage.

Ezra Mambo*, an elder, who spoke to Nairobi News, said the woman did not at anytime show any signs of infidelity and was often cited as a good example to the church’s youth team.

“Ask anyone, even those she was in college with, they never saw her with a man while in school. She always joined them for prayers every evening. We confirmed this every time they came back for holidays before we could allow them on the altar,” he said.


The elder revealed that the sex tape was leaked by the church’s youth group. Later the pastor’s younger sister stumbled on it and shared it with her brother.

The heartbroken clergyman is said to have confronted his wife who confessed of her transgressions more than five years ago while she was still in college.

The woman said she was unaware her sexual escapades had been recorded. She pleaded with the husband to give their marriage a second chance.

“She was remorseful about the tape and as elders we still wish the man can forgive and just let this pass and focus on their marriage. There is no doubt the wife loves him,” the church elder said.

However, the man’s parents have supported his demands for divorce, saying the sex tape has disgraced the family and damaged the marriage.


Terry Ann*, a sister to the aggrieved pastor, says her brother claims his wife has been in touch with the man in the video, but he assumed it was just a brotherly relationship since he was one of the groomsmen in their wedding.

“That guy has a regular visitor to their home since they got married. He is not married but has been very close to my brother’s wife. My brother believes his wife and the man have been on it all along,” she said.

The pastor has since abandoned his matrimonial home and gone back to his parents’ home.

The wife, on the other hand, apologised to the church tribunal on Sunday and pleaded with her husband not to disgrace her for the mistake she made more than four years ago.

The couple’s three-year-old marriage is now hanging by the thread.

*Editor’s Note: Names of the subjects have been changed to protect the couple’s identity