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Pastor sells off property for fear of ‘satanic’ Huduma Namba

A pastor in Mubwayo village, Bunyala sub-county in Busia County, has shocked residents after selling all his property in order to avoid registering for Huduma Namba.

Pastor Peter Lungekhe has also urged members of his congregation to relocate with him to the Bulindi Island in Yala Swamp where he said no one could reach them.

“Even if you take me to President Uhuru Kenyatta I will tell him that I will not register for Huduma Namba. I don’t want anything to do with Huduma Namba. I am an avid follower of the bible which prophesised this as end of times,” said the Reformed SDA Church preacher.

Since registration of Huduma Namba was launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta two weeks ago, Kenyans  have been turning up at different registration centres to take part in the historic digital listing.

However, the process has been met with resistance, including from a section of religious groupings who have rejected the exercise linking it to satanism.


In Busia, a number of Pastor Lungekhe’s followers have sold their belongings ready to leave the Country.

“I have already bade my family and told them if we will meet again. It’s alright but if we won’t meet again it’s also okay. Even the bible say Peter was prosecuted for preaching the truth and for that matter I am ready,” Pastor Lungekhe added.

Mr Lungekhe’s action has elicited mixed reactions from residents.

“We are experiencing all this confusion because the government failed to conduct satisfactory civic education. The time frame is also short yet the gadgets are few the reasons why we are seeing long queues at Huduma registration centre,” said Clare Ajiambo.

Peter Ojanji said; “Religious leaders should be on the forefront encouraging faithfuls to register not the other way round. I understand Chief Justice David Maraga is a staunch SDA but he has not sold his belongings.”

Foreign Affairs Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Ababu Namwamba criticised those opposing the exercise terming them enemies of development.


“I don’t see where Satanism related with a normal government listing. We should stop these sideshows that will not help the country move forward.”

Also known as National Integrated Identity Management System, Huduma Namba is a government web-based data management solution which collects data and stores particulars of Kenyans.

According to Busia County Commissioner, at least 283, 872 residents (81.3 per cent) have been registered to date in the on-going listing with a daily target of over 24,000.

“I am happy Busia people have heeded to the call to register for the number. We are less by 65,000 to hit our target as a county. Within the region we have posted 112 per cent going by daily target of 21,000 against 24,000 we are posting at the moment.”