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Pastor Size 8: Why couples should not entirely trust their spouses

Pastor Linet Munyali, popularly known as Size 8, has offered her perspective on trust and faithfulness in marriage.

The accomplished gospel artist and mother of two shared her insights on the dynamics of trust between spouses during a conversation with a local radio station.

Size 8 acknowledged the challenges of complete trust in relationships, emphasizing that both men and women are not guaranteed when it comes to faithfulness.

She offered a unique perspective, suggesting that couples should place their trust in God to reveal any hidden aspects of their marriage.

“You cannot be DCI,” she humorously pointed out.

“If someone wants to do something, he or she will just do it. If someone wants to do something, he will do it, my friend. He will have one phone that he leaves at the office,” she explained.

Size 8 also highlighted the uniqueness of each individual in a relationship, stressing that spouses come with their own perspectives and thoughts.

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She noted that attempts to control their actions could be futile.

“One thing I discovered about a person, when you marry someone, he was there even before you were in his life. They have their own thoughts and their own understanding of things. When someone wants to drink water, whether you tell him to drink or not, he will just drink,” she said.

Size 8 advised all married couples to seek divine guidance for their marriages and their partners. She underscored that it’s challenging to trust a spouse entirely and recommended placing that unwavering trust in God.

“You can’t trust your husband 100%, and you can’t trust your wife 100% either. Someone you can trust is God,” she said.

Size 8, has been happily married to DJ Mo for a decade.

They celebrated their 10th anniversary in September.

DJ Mo said their ten-year journey has been marked by both moments of joy and turbulence.

DJ Mo opened up about a particularly trying period in their relationship when it almost came to an end.

“There was a time when we had a serious argument that escalated to the point where she decided to leave and rented her own apartment for two months,” he revealed.

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