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Pastor T celebrates anniversary with moving message about children

By Freya Wanjiku October 21st, 2022 2 min read

Popular City Evangelist Pastor T Mwangi and his wife Claudia Kahura have celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary.

In a post on his socials, Pastor T said, “Happy Anniversary. Five years of purpose, grace, and love. We celebrate the Lord as the Kahuras or T’s for His love, care, and protection in our five years of marriage.

We have seen the covenantal blessing of marriage and the fruit of the womb in these five years. In an age where marriages are under serious attack, we can only be thankful to God for keeping our marriage.”

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Pastor T Mwangi
Pastor T Mwangi

Additionally, he listed the five lessons he had learned over the five years: “Purpose and not love alone is the key to a lasting marriage.

Children are a blessing, but motherhood and fatherhood are new dynamics in a marriage that must be embraced quickly. The journey to oneness is everlasting, but the first step is taken after the vows.”

He also noted that having a forgiving heart sustains marriage and teamwork, especially in prayer. Mid this year, the seasoned preacher revealed that he never did the rituals involved in dowry payment, arguing that those rituals were contrary to the bible.

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“There are very good practices in our cultures but when libation which is ancestral worship is involved, waving meat facing the mountains and shedding blood is is involved that’s no longer a ceremony but a ritual that is contrary to the bible 100%. We need to separate spiritual rituals and ceremonies.”

Adding, “Women were looked down upon in our cultures even today. They were considered inferior, and some of us understand this from our backgrounds and cultures.

The language of equity and equality is a new vocabulary slowly growing due to civilization, Christianity, and education.”

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