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Pastor touches women’s bare derrieres ‘for miracle husbands’

A South African pastor resorted to touching the behinds of undressed female congregants who were in need of miracle husbands.

Pastor Thopiso Mpho is said to have asked the female congregants who want to get married to undress and he went ahead to touch them while praying for them.

Each of the women who came forward stripped down to a bra and no panties and the pastor dressed in a white robe went “anointing” them one by one.

With a bible on his left hand, he used his right hand to touch the women’s behind’s as they tightly closed their eyes.

Pastor Mpho of Miracles by fire Ministries is said to have performed marriage miracles for 23 women during the Sunday service.

His action accompanied with a photo was published on Zambian Watch where it elicited criticism.

Here are some of the reactions;